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Art in the Park is a long-standing village program with a fun and educational agenda of field trips, crafts, presenters and sport activities for resident children ages 5 - 12. The program initiative is to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable itinerary of activities promoting art and culture. It is staffed by an adult supervisor, assistant supervisor and many dedicated high school volunteers. The program is funded in part through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

The program runs for seven weeks on M-W-F in the summer (June 12th - July 28th) with each session being 2.5 hours (a little longer for noted field trips). The program is held at Pavilion #3 in our village park with an additional large grassy area adjacent and a secondary, indoor location available in case of inclement weather. Our community has a fleet of vehicles and drivers that are used to transport the staff and children to local field trips. All associated costs are covered.