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A bully is a person who purposely tries to hurt others by:

· Making them feel uncomfortable.
· Hurting them by kicking, hitting, pushing, tripping, etc.
· Name-calling.
· Spreading nasty rumors.

The bully hurts the other person over and over.

The person being bullied feels that he or she can do nothing to stop it:

· He or she might feel smaller or weaker than the bully.
· He or she might feel outnumbered by the bully and the bully's friends.
· He or she might feel there is no help:
· No one to talk to.
· No one is standing up for him or her.
· He or she often feels very sad, but does not know how to change the situation.

Bullies can be BOYS or GIRLS!!

Who do bullies pick on?

· Often, bullies are bigger kids, so they pick on:
· Kids they feel are smaller.
· Kids they think won't stand up to them.
· Kids that have few friends to stand up for them.

Why do bullies do what they do?

· Sometimes they think that they will win or get what they want.
· Sometimes they want to impress or entertain their friends.
· Sometimes they enjoy feeling power over someone because sometimes they are being bullied by someone else!
· Sometimes they do not even realize that they are hurting the other person.

What to do if someone is bullying you:

· Tell someone you trust about it. If it is easier for you, write that person a note instead!! (People you might want to tell are: parents, teachers, the principal, playground safeties, or older friends).
· If the person you told cannot help you or does not do anything, find someone else! Never keep being bullied a secret!
· Try not to let the bully see you are upset. (Bullies are looking for signs that you are upset and they may do it more).
· Avoid areas where the bully feels comfortable picking on you (for example, places where teachers cannot see you - such as corners of the playground, lonely corridors, and behind large furniture in the classroom.
· Try to surround yourself with friends and people who will stand up for you.

What to do if you see someone who is being bullied:

· Get friends together and TALK to the bully. Let the bullies in your school know that bullying is not accepted at your school.
· Don't cheer the bully on or stand around to watch. (The bully might like the attention, and pick on the kid even more).
· If you see someone being bullied, find someone to help stop it. (Get another friend, a teacher, a playground safety, a principal).
· Be nice to, include, and get to know the people who are being bullied: You may find they are similar to you!!
· Try to make friends with the bully too- show them other ways to interact with others. (They don't need to bully others to be accepted or cool).

What would you do?


All kids want to play. Kids with disabilities are no different. “Ian” is a short, animated film inspired by the real-life Ian, a boy with a disability determined to get to the playground despite his playmates bullying him. This film sets out to show that children with disabilities can and should be included.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the Respect Ability website where you can view the story.




Emergencies and disasters can be scary, but there are ways to help you stay safe before, during, and even after a disaster. Here, you can play games to become a Disaster Master and learn how to build an emergency kit. You will meet our friend Pedro the Penguin, who will teach you all about staying safe. You will even be able to make your own emergency plan with your family.

Prepare with Pedro!

Hi! I’m Pedro the Penguin! I’m traveling around the United States to visit my friends and learn how they prepare. I’d like you to come. Emergencies and disasters can happen anywhere, but there are ways to help you stay safe. Follow along, and we can learn together!

Disaster Preparedness Activity Book

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As a Planet Protector, your mission is to improve the world around you by making less trash. Planet Protectors also help other people learn to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

To carry out this mission, check out the fun activities below. The more you learn about reducing wastes and saving resources, the better you become at carrying out the Planet Protector goals.


Click the picture below to go to the Planet Protector Website for free activities!


Click the Climate Kids Logo to go to the website to play games and learn more!

Big Questions

What does global climate change mean?

What is the big deal with carbon?

What is the greenhouse effect?

How do we know the climate is changing?

What is happening to the oceans?

What else do we need to find out?

It's a great time of the year to go on a hike with your family

and look at the signs that the season is changing from summer to fall!

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Games, coloring pages and videos of your favorite characters!+

Print and Color Cat in the Hat

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The inspiration for this page came from Mayor Mike, who suggested that we post special items that would be of interest to children in the village.