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Strong Together Overview


This week County Executive Armond Budish released the Strong Together Overview, a comprehensive look at COVID-19 and the County's response efforts. The Overview is jam-packed with information on new initiatives, enhanced programs and robust data--you may learn about a program that could help you that you didn't know about before!


Our Communities: The 2020 Data Book


Ever wondered how your community ranks against others when it comes to access to public transportation, median family income, amount of parkland or most common job sectors? The County Planning Commission's 2020 Data Book allows you to explore 36 metrics within five categories to compare communities and can be used as a resource in preparing grant applications, understanding community changes and identifying issues to address.


Poll Workers Needed!


It's anticipated that there will be a shortage of poll workers for the upcoming November election. The Board of Elections is calling for an additional 1,500 poll workers, with over 4,500 needed in total. Cuyahoga County is allowing employees to work the polls on Election Day while also getting paid for a regular work day, and County Executive Armond Budish is encouraging other County businesses to follow suit to make sure polling locations are adequately staffed come November 3rd. Be a part of history, support democracy and have fun while doing it by becoming a poll worker!


COVID Emergency Assistance Program


Emergency Assistance is temporarily available for families affected by COVID-19 through the Prevention, Retention and Contingency (PRC) program with Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding. While limited funding is available, individuals meeting eligibility requirements may receive funds to help meet essential needs in the form of a voucher for supplemental food assistance, essential supplies, daily hygiene and infant care items and housing/utility assistance.