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Home Days

How the Brooklyn Heights Home Days Began...

~Excerpts of an original article by Richard Rucinski (Reprinted from the Breeze, May 13, 2000)

In 1943, at the height of the fighting in World War 2, several residents of Brooklyn Heights decided they wanted to send care packages to members of the armed services away from home.

Joining forces with members of the Civil Defense, Police and Fire Departments, they held several meetings and planned various events which raised $1500. Eventually this effort included a carnival to raise more money. The first carnival was held in September of 1944 and was a great success. When the war ended, so did the carnival, but the core group of men that had planned the event had continued to meet. By 1949 this group formed the Men’s Service Club and ultimately, Brooklyn Heights Home Days was introduced as both a means of gathering the community and raising funds for various projects and programs.

This tradition continued for many years as an annual event held in the Village Park. Members of the Men’s and Women’s Service Clubs, Park Board and community leaders and volunteers have year after year worked to keep the hometown feel of Home Days. Home Days, as it existed for many years, has been replaced with other community events.
People interested in helping with these community events and other important programs in Brooklyn Heights are encouraged to contact any of the involved organizations for more information.