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Lawn Program Information


2017 Lawn Cutting Program         

You must be age 65 or older with no other household member under the age of 65,
You are disabled with no other household member under the age of 65. A current letter from your doctor, on their letterhead, explaining your inability to perform this task must be submitted with your application.

Application available at the link below: 

There will be a charge of $250 per senior household for the service. Check, payable to Village of Brooklyn Heights, or exact cash will be accepted.
There will be a discount for any senior that has been approved for the federal HEAP program. Proof of participation in the HEAP program must be submitted in the form of your current year acceptance letter and/or a copy of your most current gas bill with the HEAP discount listed. The program cost for HEAP recipients is $100.

The cutting of your lawn, driveway and sidewalk edged and grass around trees trimmed.
The driveways and walkways cleared of grass clippings. The grass clippings from your lawn will be collected on an “as needed” basis in spring and fall.
We CANNOT give special accommodations. If you desire special accommodations, please utilize this service as a supplement to privately arranged services.

There will be no refunds after May 1, 2017. No exceptions.
Your lawn is one of many being serviced. Please be patient!
The contractor designates the height of the mower blade - it WILL NOT be adjusted.
Your lawn will not necessarily be cut on the same day each week .
Use of a small mower is at the discretion of the contractor ONLY.
All dog droppings must be picked up! Any yard with dog droppings, WILL NOT be cut.
Your yard may not be cut if you have a vehicle blocking the entry to the back yard, laundry on a clothesline, obstacles on or hanging over the lawn, including large hedges and bushes.