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Meeting Minutes/Agenda

Regular council meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month and committee meetings are scheduled as necessary. An agenda is created to advertise all meetings and are posted in five places in the village (Village Hall, W.6th & Tuxedo, Marengo & Schaaf, Dorset & Mural, and Van Epps & Schaaf), as well as online. Paper copies of agendas for regular meetings are delivered to every household in the village. In the list below, you will notice that several committee meetings do not have an agenda document – this is because many committee meetings were advertised in a regular meeting agenda for the same date. Regular & special meeting minutes are posted after council approves them, while committee meetings are posted as soon as they are completed.

12/18/2013Council: Special MeetingMinutes
12/13/2013Council: Special MeetingMinutes
12/3/2013Council MeetingAgenda
11/12/2013Council: Special MeetingMinutes
11/6/2013Council MeetingAgenda
11/6/2013Committee Meeting
10/15/2013Council: Special MeetingAgenda
10/1/2013Council MeetingMinutes
9/17/2013Council MeetingAgenda
9/17/2013Council: Special Meeting
9/3/2013Council MeetingMinutes
8/6/2013Council MeetingMinutes
7/30/2013Council MeetingMinutes
7/30/2013Council: Special Meeting
7/2/2013Council MeetingMinutes
6/24/2013Council: Special Meeting
6/21/2013Council MeetingMinutes
6/4/2013Council MeetingMinutes
5/7/2013Council MeetingAgenda
4/23/2013Council: Special MeetingAgenda
4/16/2013Council: Special MeetingAgenda
4/9/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
4/2/2013Council MeetingAgenda
3/26/2013Council: Special MeetingAgenda
3/19/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
3/12/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
3/5/2013Council MeetingAgenda
2/26/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
2/19/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
2/5/2013Council MeetingAgenda
1/22/2013Council: Committee MeetingAgenda
1/8/2013Council MeetingAgenda