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Time for Fall Cleanup!

When fall temperatures drop and leaves begin to turn, many people’s thoughts turn to preparing their homes and yards for impending winter. That means cleaning up and cleaning out which can produce a lot of excess stuff such as leftover hazardous wastes, leaves and yard debris, old clothing and outdated electronics. What’s an environmentally-minded Northeast Ohioan supposed to do? has all the answers. It’s the go-to resource for residents to learn about recycling rules, composting, donating and everything to do with reducing, reusing and recycling in Cuyahoga County.

Here are just a few recycling tips for a cleaner and greener fall season:
1. Fall is the perfect time to gather up all your household hazardous waste products and participate in your community’s collection program. Many communities across Cuyahoga County hold collection events during specific times of the year. Others collect household hazardous waste year-round. Find your community’s information at

2. Last year’s gear and gadgets are out of date the minute you get a new phone or computer. Don’t let those old electronics go to the landfill. Recycle them. Just not in your curbside recycling. Take old computers and electronics to Staples, Best Buy or Cleveland nonprofit RET3 job corp.

3. Here in the Forest City, we’re blessed with an abundance of trees which, of course, means loads of leaves come fall. Don’t let those leaves go to a landfill. Compost them yourself or through your community’s pick-up program. Visit to learn about how your community disposes of leaves and yard waste such as grass and shrub clippings.

4. Old clothes seem to pile up at the end of the season and nobody wants them taking up space around the house. While you can’t recycle them in your curbside recycling, they can be donated for reuse. Search “clothing” on to learn about dozens of donation locations across Cuyahoga County.

For more tips and information on where to take items for donation or recycling, visit