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A recent study by College Factual found Brooklyn Heights to be one of the best cities in the country for veterans pursuing a college degree.

Attracting Student Veterans to the Community

There are 3 schools in the local area that made the top 15% of this year’s Best Colleges for Veterans ranking. The factors that went into this ranking include veteran affordability, overall college quality, and the availability of resources for veterans

Local businesses welcome veterans due to the increase in economic activity they bring to the area. So, the availability of high-quality educational resources is important for both veterans and their families.
Other Reasons Brooklyn Heights Is Great for Veterans

There are an estimated 89 veterans living in Brooklyn Heights and about 1,600 students using the GI Bill® at nearby colleges and universities. Considering the population of Brooklyn Heights is roughly 1,518, this means an estimated 5.9% of the population are veterans.

Brooklyn Heights also boasts several other resources for veterans. For instance, there are 6 VA health facilities within 25 km of the city.

There is also one American Job Center location in the Brooklyn Heights area, and its location is:

More information is available at the link below:…/brooklyn-heights-oh-cuyah…/