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Fire Department FAQ's

When should I call the Fire Department?
Anytime you feel that something is not right in or around your home. Example:

  1. If you have any type of fire in your home (small or large).
  2. If you smell of smoke or unknown odor.
  3. If you see downed electrical wires
  4. If a tree has fallen on your house
  5. You have water backup in your basement, or call the Service Department (216) 351-0131.
  6. Your carbon monoxide or smoke detector is going off for no reason

When should I call for an Ambulance? 
Anytime you or someone in your house does not feel well or needs help. Example:

  1. Someone is experiencing any type of chest pain or shortness of breath
  2. Someone is confused or is acting disoriented.
  3. Someone has fallen and needs assistance getting up
  4. Someone needs assistance getting to or from a vehicle.

When you are in doubt, call the Fire Department.  We are only minutes away and always ready to respond to your emergency.

If I see a wire down in my back yard what should I do?
Call the Fire Department.  We will come out and investigate the type of wire down. We have the equipment to test to see if the wire is charged or has no energy going through it.  If there is a problem, we have emergency numbers to call for the power company, cable company, or telephone company.

How do I become a Firefighter?
It takes many hours of school and study time to become a Firefighter and Paramedic.  The field of emergency medicine has grown and firefighters are now being trained as Paramedics.  Firefighter / Paramedic classes are offered at UH Hospitals, Cuyahoga Community College and Cuyahoga Valley Joint Vocational School and it is a two-year program.  After completing the standard classes, there are other fields of training available.  For example; Fire Inspector, Hazardous Materials, EMT Instructors and Rope Rescue.  We also attend monthly training classes for continuing education credits due to constant changes in medical and fire technology.
Candidates who are a State Certified Paramedic and Firefighter Level II can apply to join the BHFD.



What are we doing in regards to Homeland Security?
In recent years the fire service has changed, taking on many new responsibilities.  In preparing for Homeland Security, the Federal Government has made monies available to local fire departments to prepare for such emergencies. In conjunction with the Community Services Department, we have established a Citizens Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) to assist the Fire Department in the event of an emergency or disaster. We have joined forces with the communities of Valley View, Seven Hills, and Independence to form a team of volunteers to be called out in an emergency.

Do we bill for ambulance service?
Yes. We bill the insurance company for all runs. No resident or business will receive an individual bill. Non-residents may receive a bill for the balance after the insurance has paid.


Contact Information

345 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 351-3542
Fax: (216) 749-0892