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Service Department


The Service Department’s mission is our pride and commitment to our community and to provide service to our residents and businesses in a courteous manner.

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Department Responsibilities

The Service Department maintains the streets, parks, village buildings and properties. We plow the snow, vacuum the leaves, cut the grass, trim the trees, fill potholes and paint the lines on the streets. We maintain the soccer and baseball fields throughout the year and keep the park clean.
We also handle the Senior Lawn Cutting Program and the Senior Trash to Curb Program.

On rubbish day we drive through the village and pick-up large items that can be recycled and take them to Westside Metals.

The department also helps with the Memorial Day Parade, the Fall Festival, the Santa Wagon, the Senior Club meetings and we help set‐up for the Men’s and Women’s Service Socials events.

We are responsible for the lighting of the village for the Holiday season, putting up the seasonal banners and making sure the American flags are flying for all the holidays.

Flower bulbs are planted in the fall for springtime blooms and summer flowers are planted to brighten the village properties.

We have a part‐time mechanic who keeps our vehicles and equipment in good condition. He maintains the Service Department fleet, the Fire Department vehicles, Community Service cars, vans and buses, the Building Department car and the Mayor’s vehicle. Maintenance includes routine oil changes, tune‐ups, brake repairs, hydraulic lines, tire changes, battery charges and any other maintenance required to keep our fleets on the roads.

  Joe Blados
Service Director 

Contact Information

233 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn  Heights, OH 44131
Phone: (216)351-0131
Fax: (216) 351-3534

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.