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Fire Department

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Brooklyn Heights Fire Department to preserve the life and property of the residents, businesses, institutions and guests.  This is accomplished through prevention and education of our Firefighters and our community so that we may effectively provide and handle any emergency situation that arises with the highest level of quality service.

The Brooklyn Heights Fire Department consists of a team of efficient, professional and dedicated personnel committed to servicing The Village of Brooklyn Heights by protecting LIFE, PROPERTY AND THE ENVIRONMENT through public education, fire inspections, emergency medical service, fire suppression.

The Village of Brooklyn Heights Fire Department includes a talented thirty-member force. Of the thirty members twenty-five are Certified Paramedics, five are Certified EMT and one is a Certified Advance EMT. Nineteen of Brooklyn Heights Firefighters also work full time positions in neighboring community Fire Departments.

To ensure the safety of all residents and civilians in the Brooklyn Heights area, three members are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Of the three Firefighters on duty, at least one is a paramedic.


The Village of Brooklyn Heights is accepting applications for employment. Please click on the document links below to download the Applicant Package and Employment Application.




Please contact the Brooklyn Heights Fire Department at (216) 351-3542 with any questions or concerns about the services offered or click here to contact us.

Brooklyn Heights Fire Department provides non-emergency ambulance transportation for residents in need of a ride to/from the hospital or doctor appointment.  Twenty-four hour notice is recommended.

All Medical & Fire Related Emergencies
Brooklyn Heights Fire Department is trained to handle any situation that may arise.

Fire Inspections
Once a year every building in Brooklyn Heights is inspected by the Brooklyn Heights Fire Inspector to insure a hazard free work environment, thus ensuring the safety of everyone that works or enters a building in Brooklyn Heights.

Fire Extinguisher Classes
Knowing when and how to use a fire extinguisher is important in saving lives in a fire emergency. Brooklyn Heights Fire Department offers classes to all residents and businesses on the proper use of a fire extinguisher.

Evacuation Drills
It is important to know how and when to evacuate a building or home in an emergency. Brooklyn Heights Fire Department offers guidance in evacuation drills to all residents and businesses.

CPR Training
Being trained in CPR is a simple thing that could help you save someone's life. Brooklyn Heights Fire Department offers CPR training to all residents and businesses.

First Aid Training
Knowing what to do and how to do it in a medical emergency could save someone's life. Brooklyn Heights Fire Department offers First Aid training to all residents and businesses.

Car Seat Installation
Although installing a car seat may seem easy; it is often done incorrectly. This puts infants and small children at risk for unnecessary injury. Brooklyn Heights Fire Department will teach you how to correctly install a car seat.

Smoke Detectors
The Fire Department will install resident purchased smoke detectors for all residents who are incapable of installing them. The Fire Department will also change your smoke detector battery bi-annually when the “time changes” or when the detector “chirps”.

Grants Received

 EMS Grants Received 
 2002-2003  $7,146
 2008-2009  $4,500
 2010-2011  $3,450
 2011-2012  $3,000
 2012-2013  $3,000
 2013-2014  $2500
 2014-2015  $2500
 2015-2016  $3500
 2016-2017  $2750
 2017-2018  $3125
 2018-2019  $3720
 2019-2020  $2841
 2020-2021  $2945 
 Department of Homeland Security (FEMA) Grants Received
 2006  $82,650
 2007  $83,000
 2012  $35,960
 2016  $35,800
 2018-2019  $144,357
 2020  $37.423
 2021  $17,691
 State Fire Marshal Grants Received
 2003  $400
 2008  $300
 COVID-19 Award  
 2020  $1268
 In Conjunction w/Parma FD-Radios  
 Total  $492,773.00

Joe Stefanko,
Fire Chief

Donna Tesar,
Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

345 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 351-3542
Fax: (216) 749-0892


Quad City CERT 


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