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Why Brooklyn Heights?

There are many good reasons why to locate your business in Brooklyn Heights. Here are just a few key benefits. 


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Brooklyn Heights is a village in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States located approximately 10 miles south of downtown Cleveland and midway between Cleveland’s east and west side neighborhoods.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the village has a total area of 1.8 square miles (4.7 km2), all of it land.

The village’s central location offers exceptional access to: all major highways in Northeast Ohio, to rail with tracks within the village, and to the Cleveland Port Authority via Lake Erie and the Cuyahoga River. Also Cleveland Hopkins Airport is only 15 miles west of town and Akron Canton Regional Airport is 45 miles to the south.  

Tax Rates

Brooklyn Heights Village has one of the lowest tax rates in Cuyahoga County! Our tax rates--in additional to other other cost-saving benefits we offer--provide an exceptional environment for business growth. Review the comparison charts provided by Cuyahoga County for details: 

Village Demographics

Within its 1.8 square mile area, Brooklyn Heights has 1,543 residents, include many families who have lived in the Village for generations. More detail on the sex, age, race, household and income levels of population can be found in the report below:  

Development Projects

Brooklyn Heights is continuously updating its infrastructure to ensure efficient traffic flow for businesses and residents, frequently providing proactive and environmentally-friendly solutions. Our streets are kept clean and are re-striped with lane lines several times a year. We treat ice and plow snow in a preemptive rather than reactive mode and do the same with street resurfacing and replacement when needed. Our goal is to ensure that employees of local businesses enjoy a commute to and from work on safe clean roads and without hassle.

Recent major development projects within the Village include:

Press Release June 5, 2017:
State Rep. Nick Celebrezze and Mayor Michael Procuk announced Friday that the village's Valley Business Park has been granted the AT&T Fiber Ready designation. It can be used to emphasize that fiber-based data connections are available at the business park, making the area more attractive for growth and job creation. "When a business is considering a new location, company leadership often considers more than roads, water, sewer, gas and electricity," said Mayor Procuk. "Many of them want to know if there is fiber available at the site. So this AT&T Fiber Ready designation gives us a valuable new tool in our toolbox."

Pictured left to right: State Rep. Nick Celebrezze, Mayor Michael Procuk and Kevin Lynch, Director of External Affairs for AT&T.

Lancaster Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Lancaster Bridge Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Reconstruction of the Lancaster Bridge
The culvert over West Creek was replaced with a new bridge, which also allowed for widening the road and adding additional lanes to move traffic with even greater efficiency. Plus a modern rain garden was added to manage storm water in an environmentally friendly manner with support of the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District.

    Lancaster Project

    Bioretention Cell

The Lancaster Road restoration project including the bridge that spans I-480
Our most recent street replacement was on Lancaster Drive. The road was completely replaced; we also added some additional sidewalks for our business residents to use during their breaks and lunches.



  Restoration of the Schaaf Road Bridge and Van Epps Road
The CSX Railroad bridge was completely replace plus at the same time Van Epps Road was completely replaced in partnership with the City of Cleveland.  

Tuxedo Avenue
Tuxedo Avenue was widened to allow for easier flow of traffic just a few years ago.

Larger Employers

   Weltman, Weinberg & Reis
965 Keynote Circle
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
500+ employees 
   Towlift, Inc.
1395 Valley Belt Road
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
  GrafTech International Holdings, Inc.
Keynote Business Centre II
982 Keynote Circle
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131

        Mayor Michael Procuk

Please Direct Economic Development inquiries to Mayor Michael Procuk

Contact Information

Municipal Center
345 Tuxedo Ave.
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Office: (216) 749-4300
Mobile: (216) 408-5612
Fax: (216) 741-3753


Monday - Friday
8:00am - 4:30pm