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Brooklyn Heights Municipal Center
345 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Office: (216) 749-4300
Fax: (216) 741-3753

Department Title Contact Phone (all 216) Email Address
Mayor's Office 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Mayor Mike Procuk 749-4300
Mayor's Secretary Kari Baciak 749-4300

Law Director Jerry Dowling 749-4300

Mayor's Office Fax
Mayor's Court 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Magistrate George Simon

Prosecutor Blair Melling

Clerk of Court Kari Baciak 749-4300
Police Chief Dan Algeri
Mayor's Court Fax 741-3753
Clerk/Treasurer's Office 345 Tuxedo Avenue
Clerk / Treasurer Aaron Frank 749-4300
  Assistant Clerk / Treasurer Tim Clymer 749-4300  

Payroll Administrator Val Snyder 749-4300

Accounts Administrator Dana Bundus 749-4300
Clerk/Treasurer's Office Fax
Village Council 345 Tuxedo Avenue

President Pro Tem Les Foote 906-3134

Council Member Joseph Blados 218-9816  
Council Member Mark Lasky 642-5955

Council Member Jennifer Presot 577-5078 

Council Member Matt Walsh 906-3068
Police Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Police Chief Dan Algeri 741-1327
Police Secretary Tracy Harris 741-1327 
Police Department Staff
Police Department Fax 741-3868
Fire Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue 

Fire Chief Joseph Stefanko 351-3542
Fire Department Secretary Donna Tesar 351-3542

Fire Department Staff 351-3542
Fire Department Fax
Service Department 749-4300 233 Tuxedo Avenue

Service Director Ed Hatgas 351-0131
Service Department Secretary Donna Tesar 351-0131
Service Department Fax
Community Services 233 Tuxedo Avenue
Community Services Director Thea Guilfoyle 739-3702

Community Services Secretary Jane Hlatky 739-3702
  Community Services Administrative Assistant Donna Algeri 739-3702   
Community Services Info Line 739-3713

Community Services Social Worker Kathleen Kapusta 739-3702

Community Services Fax 661-9328
Recreation Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Recreation Department Director
Dale Krzynowek  832-0189
  Recreation Department Fax    741-3753  
Soccer Commissioner  Narlin Shadd  509-9792
Building Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Chief Building Official Nino Monaco 749-4300
  Building Official Howard Sonenstein  749-4300     

Plans Examiner G. Gifford Dyer 749-4300
Plans Examiner Back Up Mike Wildermuth 749-4300

Building Department Secretary Kari Baciak 749-4300
Building Department Fax 741-3753
Engineering Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue 

Engineer Mike Henry 749-4300 
Engineering Department Fax 741-3753
Economic Development Department 345 Tuxedo Avenue 

Economic Development Mayor Michael Procuk 749-4300

Economic Development Fax 741-3753
Park Board 345 Tuxedo Avenue

President Mark Lasky 749-4300

Secretary Henry Stankiewicz

Treasurer Tim Clymer

Women's Service Club 345 Tuxedo Avenue

President Cynthia Gatt 661-8058
Vice President Jennifer Presot 577-5078

Recording Secretary Amanda Apathy
Corresponding Secretary LuAnn Lahiff

Treasurer Denise Hochman
Men's Service Club 345 Tuxedo Avenue

President Tom Lahiff 533-1279
Vice President Andy Pech 741-4974

Treasurer John Black 351-7754
Secretary Henry Stankiewicz 661-5257
The Breeze 345 Tuxedo Avenue

Editor Carol Rucinski 661-4449
Website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube 233 Tuxedo Avenue
  Thea Guilfoyle
Donna Algeri