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Community Service Programs


Benefits Check Up
An on-line service to check eligibility status for federal, state and local programs. Available to all residents. This service is free.

File of Life
The File of Life is a system of information known to fire and emergency crews. Basic health care information and a listing of current medications is kept in a slim pouch on your refrigerator door. A sticker is placed on your entry door to alert personnel in the event of an emergency. This information can be a vital tool for knowing how to treat you and who to contact. Available to all residents. This service is free.

Knox Box Program
Designed for the elderly who may be at risk. Having this box will prevent the Fire Department from having to forcibly enter your home in an emergency. Installed on your door, the box will hold a key to your home. Keys to open the box are held only by the Fire Department. Registration is required. Individually approved. This service is free.

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Meals on Wheels
Meals are delivered weekdays at lunch time by our team of transportation drivers. Resident must be unable to prepare own meal. Individually approved. Advance registration is required. 

Meals on Wheels Program Outline

Meals on Wheels Application

Medical Equipment
Equipment such as wheel chairs, crutches, walkers, etc. are available for 60-day loan. Available to all residents. Advance notice is required. This service is free.

Remembrance Celebration
An annual celebration to honor and remember loved ones who have passed with a presentation of Memorial ornaments. Light refreshments and fellowship follow. Open to all residents. There is no fee for this event.

Senior Activities / Programs
We offer opportunities for seniors to exercise and socialize including Wii Bowling, Movies, Informational speakers and luncheons.

Snow Removal Program
For disabled residents and residents age 65 and over with no younger, able-bodied person in the home. Driveway is plowed on an as needed basis (usually 3" of accumulation).Registration is required. $150 per season or $60 if you qualify for HEAP and submit the current year acceptance letter.

Snow Removal Outline

Snow Removal Application

Telephone Reassurance Program
A daily call-in program for seniors and disabled residents. Participant is asked to make a call to the Community Services Department daily and identify themselves and give the date and time and their telephone number to ensure their health and well being. If the resident does not call the staff implements procedures to verify the status of the resident and initiates a wellness check. This service is free.

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Trash to Curbside Program
Trash cans/bags taken to curb weekly. Registration is required. Must be unable to handle task and have no able-bodied person in the home. Individually approved. This service is free.

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Lawn Cutting Program
Program serves residents age 65 or older and disabled with no other household member under the age of 65. Service includes cutting of your lawn, driveway and sidewalk edged and grass trimmed around trees. The driveways and walkways cleared of grass clippings. Grass clippings from your lawn will be collected and removed on an "as needed" basis in spring and fall.
Cost is $200 per senior household, per year for the service.

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Youth Programs

Art in the Park
In coordination with the Brooklyn Heights Service Clubs and Park Board, the Art in the Park program is offered during winter break, spring break and our main program, Summer Art in the Park.

Art in the Park has been a program in the Village for over thirty years and offers art, music and nature related activities, crafts, swimming, and more for resident children ages 5 - 12. The program is free and supervised by adult coordinators and numerous high school student volunteers to provide a safe and fun environment. It is held at the Park Pavilion #1 and sign up documents can be found on this page and the Village of Brooklyn Heights Facebook Page. Details and scheduled dates for the winter and spring sessions can be found on the Calendar and Facebook. 

Details for the 2023 Art in the Park Coming Soon!

Art in the Park is supported in part through a grant from Cuyahoga Arts and Culture.

Volunteer Opportunities
The Village offers opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer encompassing a variety of activities throughout the year. Students in need of community service hours as well as anyone wishing to volunteer can call the Community Services office at (216) 739-3702 and get connected with available events.

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