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Community Services Department

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Community Services Department is to enrich the lives of our residents through essential quality and responsive services offered with compassion and respect.

Administrative Staff

DawnMarie Puleo
Administrative Assistant
photo of Jenny Blados
Jenny Blados
Administrative Assistant
Notary Public


Driving Staff











Community Services is your connection to provide helpful resources in all areas of healthy and independent living. We provide many types of transportation for residents including routine trips for senior citizens and summertime youth programs.

We support the independence of our senior community by providing programming to enhance their social, emotional, nutritional and physical well-being. We serve the entire community with information on aging, support for family caregivers and sensitive approaches to aging issues.

Additionally, we compliment the lives of our youth residents through the transportation to Summer School and Safety Town.

Community Services Department Brochure 

Social Worker

A licensed social worker is on staff to aid any resident through difficult situations including domestic issues, substance abuse, senior issues, and more. There is no fee for residents to use this service.

Grants Received 

Charter One / Citizens Bank
2010 Action Grant * Meals on Wheels $1,000.00
2012  Action Grant * Meals on Wheels $1,000.00 
Cleveland Food Bank
2005 Account Grant $1,750.00
2006 Account Grant $450.00
2006 Freezer $849.00
2007 Refrigerator  $500.00 
2007 Account Grant $1085.00
2008 HFH Account Grant $175.00
2009 Account Grant $525.00 
2010 Account Grant $500.00
2010 Laptop Computer & Cart $450.00 
2011 Account Grant $650.00
2012 Account Grant $550.00
2012 Refrigerator $764.00
2013 HFH Account Grant $515.00
2013 Utility Cart and Scale $275.00 
2014 HFH Account Grant $200.00
2015 HFH Account Grant  $150.00 
2016 HFH Account Grant $78.00
2017 HFH Account Grant $75.00 
2018 HFH Account Grant $161.00
2018 Food Insulation Equipment $55.00
2019 HFH Account Grant $123.07
2020 HFH Account Grant $350.00
2020 COVID Assistance Account Grant $300.00
2021 Chest Freezer $650.00
2021 Agency Support  Account Grant $180.25
2021 Agency HFH Account Grant $285.00
2021  Grant for New Laptop Computer $550.00
2021 Agency Support Account Grant $500.00
2022 Agency Support Account Grant $300.00
Cuyahoga Arts and Culture
2015 Art in the Park Grant $1,125.00 
2016  Art in the Park Grant  $1,125.00 
2017  Art in the Park Grant  $1,500.00 
2018  Art in the Park / Concert in the Park Grant  $4,000.00 
2019 Art in the Park / Concert in the Park Grant $4,000.00
2020 Art in the Park Grant $4,000.00
2022 Art in the Park Grant $4,000.00
Cuyahoga County

Dodge Caravan ADA EnterVan


2008 Senior Safety Grant $25,000.00
2017 Community Development Block Grant ADA Van $39,798.00 
2019 Enhanced Mobility Van Grant $32,975.00
2016 ADA Bus Grant $25,007.00



   Thea Guilfoyle
            Thea Guilfoyle,
         Community Services 

Contact Information

233 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn  Heights, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 739-3702
Information Line:

Golden Outlook

Title VI 
Non-discrimination Statement

The Village of Brooklyn Heights operates its programs and services without regard to race, color and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. We are also committed to unbiased treatment of all individuals without regard to gender, age, religion, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, citizenship, disability, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law.
Any person who believes he or she has been aggrieved by an unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a written complaint with the village.
For Transportation related Title VI matters, a complaint may be filed directly with the Ohio Department of Transportation by filing a complaint with the Office of Equal Opportunity, Attn: Title VI Coordinator, 1980 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43223

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