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Are Televisions recyclable? 
Not at this time. Please put them on the tree lawn with your garbage.

What do I do with latex paint?
Option 1: Air dry. Allow the paint to dry by removing the lid and allowing liquids to evaporate. This works well for small quantities of paint (an inch or two in the bottom of the can), and can take several days.

Option 2: Use a drying agent. Mix in an equal amount of an absorbent material and allowed to dry. Use cat litter, sawdust, plaster of Paris, Oil‐dri, or “waste paint hardeners” found at home improvement centers.

Option 3: Pour thin layers (about 1" of paint) into a cardboard box lined with plastic. Allow the paint to dry one layer at a time until all paint has hardened.

Once the paint is thoroughly dry, the hardened paint may be discarded with your regular trash. Leave the lid off the can so the waste collector can see the paint is hardened.

Latex Paint Disposal Flyer can be viewed HERE

Where can I dispose of an American flag?
Flags should be disposed of if they are faded, stained or tattered. Flags may be dropped off at the Service Department Garage office at 233 Tuxedo Avenue or in the box at the Municipal Center on the main floor. The flags are disposed of by our local scout or VFW groups in the manner approved by the U.S. Congress.   

What do I do with oil‐based paint, motor oil and pesticides?
These are all classified as Hazardous Household Waste and should be put out on Friday away from your regular garbage. They will be collected by the Service Department for proper disposal.

Can we discard carpet or tree branches and shrubs?
Yes, but they must be bundled no longer than 4 feet and no heavier than 50 pounds and put out with your garbage.

When does the village park open?
The park is open year‐round with the exception of major snowfalls. The bathrooms are open daily from mid‐March through mid‐November weather permitting.

What is my responsibility when I hire a contractor to remove a tree from my property?
Your contractor is responsible for disposal of the debris of the removed trees or shrubs.

Who do I call when my sanitary sewer backs up in my house?

Monday thru Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. you call the Service Department at 216‐351‐0131. After hours or weekends you can call the Brooklyn Heights Police Dispatch at 216‐741‐2700. You may also contact the Sanitary Engineer directly from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 at 216-443-8201. After hours call 1-800-683-2689.

Who do I call when I see a street light out?

Call the Service Department at 351‐0131 or the CEI at (800) 363‐7733.

Who do I call if a traffic signal is out?
Call the Service Department at 351‐0131 or the Police Department at 741‐1327

Mike Florjancik,
 Interim Service Director

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