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Helpful Hints

To avoid damage to your street‐side mailbox by plowed snow
1. The post should be no less than 18” from the grass edge of the curb
2. The face of the box should be no less than 12” from the grass edge of the curb
3. If the box opens from the curb side, please make sure the door is closed to prevent it from being torn off
4. Prior to the winter season, please make sure your mailbox is secure in the ground and the face of the box is no less than 12” from the grass edge of the curb
  • Clear areas in front of the mailbox to help the post office deliver the mail
  • Shovel a path from the street to the fire hydrant
  • Please heed the Parking Ban during a snowfall of 2” or greater
  • Do not plow or shovel snow into the street or cul‐de‐sacs. You could be cited.
LEAF COLLECTION: beginning the second week of October
  • MONDAYS: Tuxedo Avenue, W. 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, & 8th Streets, South Street & North Street
  • TUESDAYS: Springbrook Dr., Park Dr., Little Creek Parkway & Hilltop, Schaaf Road, Marko Lane, Ventura Circle & Shady Ridge Lane
  • WEDNESDAY: Bancroft, Belmont, Dorset, Dunedeen Circle,Galway Circle, and Lancaster Drive.
  1. Please do not put lawn clippings out with the raked leaves and do not let your landscaper put lawn clippings with the leaves.
  2. If you rake on days other than your pick‐up days or have small piles of leaves, please bag the leaves and put them out with the garbage on Friday. PLEASE SPREAD THE LEAVES OUT ALONG THE TREE LAWN AND CURB. DO NOT PUT THEM IN LARGE PILES. THE TRUCK IS MOVING AS IT VACUUMS THE LEAVES. 
  3. Please do not get in the way of the vacuum


Mike Florjancik
Interim Service Director

Contact Information

233 Tuxedo Avenue
Brooklyn Heights, OH 44131
Phone: (216) 351-0131
Fax: (216) 351-3534

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.